I have been feeling that I am in inaction phase for a very very long time now. Even if I do models, I am not able to consistently figure out where I should focus and go. Any activity that comes in front of me, I just want to freeze or hide. Unless my mind perceived something is life/death situation it doesn’t want to mobilize me to take an action. Honestly, I am feeling stuck and tired, I feel like I am beating against the wrong wall. I am starting to feel like may be I am looking at the wrong problem. I am starting to feel like I am useless, I am trapped in self-pity, I am in shame about letting down people who depend on me. To demonstrate the theme above, I want to do a model here. Please advise, what can help me to get to state of action in the situation below?

C: Calling Customers to gather pre-appointment information: budget question and what they want to do in their remodeling project
T: They will judge me that I don’t have good English. I don’t want to be rude by asking money question. I don’t have enough knowledge about remodeling/construction related questions
F: Resistance, Pain in Middle of my chest, shorth breaths, Shame, Want to hide
A: Resist to make a call, Hurry to finish the calls made, Skip budget question, Make excuse and avoid to make calls – Procrastinate
R: I don’t make calls or make calls that don’t meet the goal of gathering all information from customer