Including feelings in the R line

Hi, I am new to writing models and would like some guidance on this model. I was friends with someone for a few years and we have since gone our separate ways. I have accepted that this friendship had its place and time, and I’m ok with no longer continuing the friendship. After a few years of not being in contact, I received a save the date for her wedding. I started thinking about whether I would do anything beyond RSVPing with “no” when I receive the invitation. I have not reached out to her since receiving the save the date. I recently heard through mutual friends she was expecting I would reach out to her to reconnect after receiving it. I’m not sure if I want to reach out and haven’t made a decision yet as to what I will do. I wrote out the following models this morning:

Unintentional Model
C – Friend’s save the date
T – I don’t know if I want to respond
F – Guilty
A – Continue to think about it
R – Not make a decision about what to do

Bridge Model:
C – Friend’s save the date
T – Whatever I choose to do is ok
F – Content
A – Not continue to think about it
R – Be at peace while I make my decision

I find that I’m putting feelings in the R line for this model. In the UM I originally had “Feel guilty about not responding” as the R line, but after reviewing it a couple of times, I realized the result is actually what I included above. I still have feelings in my R line for the BM, it feels like I’m missing something there, but it also feels so true that the result will be to be at peace with the situation. Is there any advice you have on including (or not including) feelings in the R line? Any other general feedback on the model would be helpful too. Thanks so much!