Inconsistent daily tasks in the calendar.

I am struggling keeping to Monday Hour One during Covid-19, however I am doing my best to remain consistent.

With Covid-19, I am doing my best to work at home with a toddler who is a total daddy’s boy. I am struggling to get quality work done and keep to my Nonday hour one calendar. It makes me feel frustrated, and a bit like I a failure…I guess the model goes like this..(i suppose it could be a couple models, as there are a few thoughts….but I’ll use this one as an example)

C – Working at home, toddler is a daddy’s boy and is crying outside my door when he can’t see me.

T – How on earth am I ever going to get anything done?

F – Frustrated

A – procrastination, give in to the cries due to frustration

R – No work gets done, I have this looming sense of failure and letting people down around me, if work gets done, its poor quality.