Inconsistent Results

So for most of 2019 I have been working on ALL the things.

Growing my buissness, increasing my income, general mental health, emotional eating, over drinking, smoking, improving relationships, organizing my home,

Everything I want to do all at once, it’s like I have been under this burden of negative thinking for so long that when I started listing to the life coach school podcast and realized that all my stress was optional, I just freaked out with enthusiasm and thought “LETS FIX ALL OF THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!”

I set up my goals each month to take small steps forward in all of these areas.

I am currently thinking that I am not getting results very quickly or consistantly with any of it
(I was judging myself for this at first, but now I am in a place that I can look at my brain with interest and am ready to figure out what is going on in there!)

I was wondering if you would recommend picking 1 thing and taking massive action, until I am where I want to be and then moving onto the next thing.

I am SO scared to do this, because I feel if I stop working on something (for example emotional eating) it’s going to get completely out of control, however with how I have been doing, I’m not really getting any where with most of my goals any way

I wonder if I would get better results if I used all my energy and focus on 1 “problem” until it was solved and then move onto the next thing.

I also want to add that I realize “I’m not getting results quickly or consistantly” is a thought

But for me right now it’s more of a question like “is there a more efficient way I could use my brain to accomplish my goals?” It doesn’t feel negative, just curious and interested

Thanks in advance for any advice! And thank you for this program, it is seriously AMAZING!