Increasing frustration with goal setting

I”m really struggling to understand the approach to constraint and goals. I get that on the one hand it’s my life and I get to set my goals. But on the other hand I feel like only focusing on weight loss and trying to work only on the goal of weight loss is creating so much frustration and annoyance in my life, as I really want to work on money and business as well.

C: I chose weight loss as my first goal in scholars
T: I have to spend all my energy and effort on only this goal in order to go deep/constrain/commit
F: frustration, feeling trapped, feeling capped in potential
A: irritability, anger,
R: I actually have stalled my weight loss

some thoughts:
I am seeing constraint as meaning I am trapped and therefore powerless. I don’t want anyone to tell me what to do and that I can’t do more. I don’t want anyone to put limits on me and I have internalized the idea taught in scholars of constraint as being forced to put a cap on my output. I am seeing constraint as a tool of control instead of a tool to help me deeply reach my goals and to help me. I am seeing less choice as a burden on my freedom. Constraint, as anything else in Scholars, is a choice I can make to research whether intense focus helps me reach my goals in a new way. I could also choose to have two goals and “constrain” to two areas of my life if that is what I choose to do. I remain free. Making my own choices helps me remain in my power and accomplish my goals.

C: I have chosen weight loss as my primary goal
T: I have the freedom to choose two goals and research whether this will work for my life. I can try it and evaluate the results
F: relief, hope
A: I plan ways to address both of my goals, and also evaluate whether this adds to my life or not
R: achieving my goals with dedicated effort and effectiveness

I have come to see through this exercise that I have some work to do around the idea of freedom and limitations, and that there is a lot more to explore for me here.
Any further thoughts that could help with my self coaching?