Incredible month of September

After a crazy amazing month of September I took a 2 week break to bask in the amazingness of ‘getting it done’.

It’s incredible what happens when you put something seemingly small into action.

In 8 half days I re-envisioned my business and the role it plays in my life; re-defined my two target audiences; re-branded; and re-built my website from scratch. Yes, from scratch! (I’ve been such a great business technician the last 4 years that I can even do that… in 2 days!)

I actually missed by goal by 4 days because I had hosting issues, but it didn’t even bother me. Why? Because in the 3rd week I went off plan and (inspired by my new business vision) secured 2 new clients. One for my startup target, one for my individuals target. Admittedly I was gutted that the website wasn’t live by the end of the month. You see, my original goal was simply to have a website that represents the new consultancy model I had been thinking about the last few months. But after doing some downloads and models I realised: with two new clients I had created A NEW BUSINESS. Without the website being live yet. And I realised how much cooler that was.

My original goal of creating a new website took me on a journey I didn’t expect. Incredibly, my business client is a previous freelance contract that I turned into a value-based fee contract aligned with my new offer. (I read about 5 Alan Weiss books during the challenge!)

I’m not sure I’d be where I am now without the September challenge.

Huge thanks to you for getting SCS done! It’s the best kick-in-the-butt EVA! 😘

This month my goal is to pitch 3 new clients a week, and I’m working on my thoughts about that, too. Mostly about being lazy!

But after a two week break I’m BACK. And I’m ON IT!

Love, Stephanie xoxo