Incredibly thankful for you – see you in a year! (CM)

No question. Just tremendous thanks.
I used my birthday money to FINALLY (long time podcast listener) join SCS, in June. I thought, “Well, 1-2 months would be worth checking out to see how great it is.”
-Lost now 40+ pounds!
-Am building my business and found my niche with three beta clients about to go through my six-week program, next month!
-Relationship with hubby is better (yes, it only takes one person to do these things).
-I no longer come from a place of scarcity with money and can’t wait to share the value I’m creating with my clients.
-On track to start my podcast in January and have my first round of paid clients in 2019 – so excited!
– I’m getting all of my funnels in place first and practicing with free clients – so much appreciation for them.
So, I pushed my time in SCS past my initial window by a month and while I could be sad that I need to stop now, I am, instead, completely energized to come back in a year easily being able to pay for the monthly amount – with hubby’s extreme support. He doubted my ability to lose weight and he isn’t so sure about “this life coaching thing” but through the model, I found I didn’t need to make his comments mean anything that would stop my progress.
SCS has been the best gift I could ever give myself. Thank you for all you do. Keep going. Don’t stop. You are changing lives and you are all amazing. Can’t wait to be back next October, friends!