I have a thought that I frequently struggle with indecision. It occurred to me today that perhaps this is a reason why I work too late, cannot clean up my clutter, etc. At work I am a hard worker but I sometimes spin my wheels or over research things. I am highly respected but I don’t think I am efficient. I’ve often wondered if it’s ADD. But it occurred to me today that I might be afraid to make a decision without being certain (I do this when planning a trip….hours and hours of research until I am confused and afraid to pull the trigger and book it.)

So, I worked the model from bottom up:
R: work later than planned. Paper clutter at home. Closet crowded with items don’t wear.
A: research. Move stuff around. Try on clothes.Quit.
F:fear, overwhelm, confused
T: I need to make the right decision

I suspect I am having thoughts that I can’t make a mistake…that delaying or hanging on to things or continuing to work on a project will prevent me from making a mistake but I don’t know how to change this. It’s not getting me the results I want.