indecision doubt…I think you are stalking me!

Listening and reading your work on doubt and indecision has me spinning.
I am in a situation where I feel I can not make a decision. I know people pleasing is an issue but am still coming up against a block when I comes to making a decision.
I live in Melbourne with my husband and 2 young children. My family (parents, siblings, grandparents) live in Sydney. We have established a business in Melbourne and have the ability to set ourselves up for a great future financially. However, from the outset of our marriage the plan was always to return to sydney to be live closer to my family and to have my parents live with us as they get older. I was raised in a very close family, family is very important to me, my priorities are family, wellbeing and business.
In my family and business I am the decision maker. People tend to go along with my decisions and trust me in making them.
In business this is easy, I don’t sit in indecision.
With our personal home situation I am stuck in doubt.
I have been working on having a clear 5 year plan.
I had always thought we would move back to Sydney. That is what my heart wants.
On paper, looking at cost of living, opportunities, school, lifestyle, Melbourne is a better option for us.
My husband will support me in whatever we choose, but he would prefer to stay put and have an easier lifestyle cost wise.
I am willing to forgo the extra $ to be closer to my family.
But I feel sick with fear. I know my decision will be the deciding one. There are benefits to both, and ‘problems’ with both options.
What is the question I am not asking myself? How do I make a decision strongly when I feel so torn between the 2 options?
Thank you for your help.