Indecision on my Sept. Goal!

I have too many goals and can’t seem to pick just one since I still have to run a business and my rental (goal options)
That said, I’m also single and haven’t given that much time or attention either. I need to decide between:
-Going on x dates in 30 days – result: find a partner (??)
-Posting 16 IG posts in 30 days (4 a week) for my business – result: more business (hopefully?)
-Gutting and getting a new floor put into my airstream which will eventually be an airbnb – result: one step closer to it being rented.
Analysis Paralysis!! Help!
C I am single and have been for over a year
T I’m a badass but I’m going to be single forever if I’m not proactive
F dejected, fear of rejection
A none

C I rarely post on social media
T I hate doing it and wish I could find someone else to
F Failure, Frustration
A inaction, avoidance
R I do not post enough on soc. media

C I have an airstream
T I need to get the new floor in so I can start on the kitchen
F excited
A contact people to do the floor work
R floor is done