Dear Brooke,

I’ve come to recognize that I have a lot of indecision in my life and it’s costing me. I often find big decisions very hard to make and spend days, weeks (and sadly in some cases, years) agonizing over them. Some decisions I’ve just not taken at all. The pattern is generally something like this:

Current model:
C: There’s a decision to be made
T: I don’t know the right thing to do. The wrong decision could be irreversible or a disaster.
F: Fear, anxiety.
A: Research and analyze like mad. Postpone decisions til I feel really confident.
R: Exhausted. Progress is slow or stalled. Dissatisfied and discouraged.

New thoughts I’m trying to use are things like:
“I know exactly what to do”
“Whatever decision I make will be perfect”
“I’ll make the best decision I can with the information I have”
“There are no wrong decisions”
“This decision may be imperfect, and that’s OK”
“It’s good to make mistakes”

…but this belief I have that there is a good decision and a bad decision is very entrenched and powerful. Any thoughts how I can break through this?? I think I’m just plain terrified to make a bad decision.