Indecisive about when to sign up for coach training


I’m brand new to scholars so other than consuming the intro material on the model I’m not super familiar with it so not sure how to do a model on being indecisive.

The specific thing I’m indecisive about is whether to sign up for the September coaching certification. I want to start trying for another baby in the next 1-2 months so it’s likely I may be pregnant during the training and have a newborn on graduation. On the one hand, this means as soon as I feel ready to get into work post baby I’ll be ready to go. On the other hand I want to really enjoy and relax into my pregnancy and enjoy family time with no distractions. There are 1000’s of other thoughts / pros / cons swirling in my head around pros and cons but the overarching ‘issue’ is feeling indecisive and not knowing how to trust my gut and just make a call.

I’d love any advice / suggestions.

Thanks in advance