Indentity shifting 2

I joined the CCP in April and Scholars in May. To say that I’m shifting my indenting is an understatement. I’d already done similar work on my own from being immersed in Abraham and Wayne Dyer teachings etc but I can truly say that Brooke’s work takes that all from Kindergarten to PhD level.

So I don’t really have a question but I do want to share some of what’s happened for me. I started the Urge Jar around eating / losing weight. I’m 51 years old post menopause. I’d come to the conclusion that “weight doesn’t come of like it used to”, “now it’s almost impossible to lose weight” and similar thoughts. I decided to watch and rewatch the weight videos and calls. I never asked a live coaching question but I did my models. It felt SO HARD at first. But I decided to trust the process and trust myself and I kept at it. Sometimes I would do a day great, other times I would fail and then one day I finally allowed an urge for the very first time about a month in. It felt like my skin was going to peel off my body (I’m the ding dongs in the trash past commenter) and I just wrote stream of consciousness everything I was thinking and feeling. And then it passed. And I kept doing that and it kept getting easier, and when I had days that I didn’t follow my plan, I started again right then and there (NOT the next morning) without beating myself up. It hasn’t been until the last month that weight started coming off. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds and I have STOPPED CRAVING SUGAR – which is AMAZING!!!!!! I look forward to my yummy super salads – I LOVE them. So much more has also changed for me and I’m even more committed to doing this work. The 20 minute coaching calls have been EPIC and I’ve done one every single week. Thank you for a PhD program at a gym membership price. 😍