Indulgent Emotion? Fear of Failure?

I have recently become aware that I am very good at making up extremely “logical” excuses (at least to me) to stop me from taking risks, challenging myself, being judged, and failing. This behavior is definitely not new but I have just now really recognized that I have done this time and time again.

I want to get more clarity, dig much deeper, and change the thoughts that are not serving me around it. I’d like to start taking risks, challenging myself and step up to the challenge, not care about being judged or do it anyway, and not be afraid of failing and fail as much as possible. I want to embrace all of these things and not talk myself out of things anymore. I have recently taken a coaching job and this realization came after I found out how involved the on-boarding process was when it comes to peer review and critiques. I became very anxious and began making up reasons I wont succeed or finish the process. With the help of thought downloads and models, I was able to see what I am doing but I’d love to have your help asking me questions on how to get deeper. Thank you!