Indulgent Emotion: Guilt

Guilt is a big one for me and today I was doing my thought download and would like your opinion! I’m a working mom to a toddler and he and I get sick frequently this time of year. After being out of the office for the week for the holiday, he woke up this morning with a high fever, too sick to go to school, thus I’m home with him and not in the office today. I immediately went to guilt – guilt that I’m a crappy business partner and assuming that my biz partner is irritated with me for this happening again.

The truth is… that’s totally made up in my head. I have no idea how she feels or if she even cares! I realize that I can notice the indulgent emotion, guilt, and move-on. Work later tonight to make up for lost time today, etc. BUT, I wondered, in this case… is it ever worth just addressing with the other party to get clarity on how they feel? Or is that just opening up a can of worms for no reason?

Also, in the case that she is irritated, there isn’t much I can do other than do the work outside of the office tonight. It makes me think of when Brooke says “Let people be wrong about you.” She can be irritated, I can be out of the office a lot and do the work that needs to be done in the evening. Here are the models. I’d love your perspective.

C Home from work today taking care of son
T My business partner is irritated with me since this keeps happening
F Guilt
A My mind swirls with how she feels about me
R I feel shitty and distracted most of the day

Intentional Model
C Home from work today taking care of son
T I will get my work done this evening
F neutral
A Do the work at 6pm
R Less brain chatter & focus on son