Indulgent emotional states and not moving forward

Hello All, I watch every coaching call and gain so much from each one no matter the subject. Last night I had a major epiphany about how I have been the last 3 years in my business, I let the victim take over, I wailed around in not enough and struggle, I repeatedly said I don’t know what to do..I highlighted every thing that went wrong and minimized everything that went right. I realize now that this was all keeping me safe..I didn’t have to try to learn things, put myself out there fully, or do any work. I just woke up and rolled around in misery everyday repeating the same thoughts and getting the same results. I do the exact same thing with my weight/body issues…. I feel so happy to see that I am not inherently flawed as I have always believed …This is how the brain works…so what do I now…………..models..just move, ……where do I go from here….