Indulgent Emotions

Hi Brooke,

Is laziness a feeling? I’m currently watching your “How to Feel Better” program and I relate to a lot of the “indulgent emotions” like indecision and confusion. But what about laziness? Is part of the reason I haven’t achieved my goals because I’m lazy? Part of the reason I don’t have better relationships in my life…because I’m lazy? I don’t want to put in the effort? It’s confuses me (I know) because when it comes to weight loss, I work out regularly – I don’t fit the “couch potato” definition of laziness. But at the end of the day, I do sit and watch TV instead of making plans with friends or working on my side business. I always thought I wanted to be home alone so often because I’m introverted, but maybe I’m just comfortable taking the path of least resistance? My primitive brain is telling me to seek comfort? I’m running a thought download on what I think about staying home v. what I want to think about going out. Any other tips? Thanks.