Indulgent Feelings Versus Unwanted But Allowed Feelings

Hi coaches, I’ve been working on the emotional balance worksheet & doing the journaling each day on this. Each day I notice the feeling that comes up in my models, and then try to establish if it’s unwanted but to be allowed, or indulgent

I’m finding this very interesting, really important to look in detail at our thoughts & what comes up. I wanted your thoughts though about the difference between indulgent feelings versus feelings that are unwanted but need to be allowed some space, just to observe them & know ourselves.

I can understand feelings such as confusion being indulgent – with confusion I’m becoming much better at just putting it aside.

But what about feelings that come up for me often such as shame, self criticism, self judgment? They are certainly unwanted – they are not on my list of wanted negative feelings. But equally I feel they need to be allowed as I’m learning so much about myself by observing them, I see no use in pushing them away or deciding (as with confusion) I just shouldn’t feel them – which doesn’t work! That decision does work for me with confusion, but not with feelings such as shame and self criticism.

Any thought?