Indulging in confusion about impossible goal

I guess imindulging in confusion here and want someone else to tell me what to do! Ha.

I have several ideas for impossible goals. Take a picture every single day and post it online with the aim of committing to daily work, documenting my family, and improving my photography. Launching my photo business and getting 50 paid clients. Making $200K. Losing 20 pounds for good. Or getting pregnant with baby number three and not puking every day of the pregnancy (extreme morning sickness in first two for the entire 40 weeks). I could likely combine the first three into one impossible goal. But I guess I’m looking for help on how to pick and commit. The first one (365 pictures) feels right. But maybe not big enough because it’s so simple and measurable, though still overwhelming because I’m nervous I won’t show up every day. And the others also feel impossible for different reasons. Maybe I just wanted to write this out to everyone as part of my processing. Any and all advice/tough love welcome!