Indulging in Feeling Entitled

Good day coaches!

I would like your help in generating new thoughts or ladder thoughts that may get me to not buffer and instead follow the activities planned for the evening.

C – things in my calendar after arriving home
T – I deserve to take a rest after a long day’s work (which means I don’t need to follow activities in my calendar)
F – entitled
A – watch movie, play games on phone all while lying in bed
R – I did have a rest but not follow my calendar

C – same
T –
F – committed or motivated or excited
A – do things I put in my calendar, not buffer
R – follow my calendar

I’m aware that I am indulging in that feeling of entitlement. And I don’t want that. I want to feel committed or motivated or excited instead. I ask myself what thoughts will make me feel committed but currently, it’s not giving me anything, at least none for the past 2 days. I’m trying “I can do hard things” to counter the urges not to follow my calendar but it feels like I’m white-knuckling it. I want to allow my urges instead. Can I put this in my action line in my IM? Or should I do a separate model with “allowing urges” in the action line?

Thanks coaches!