Infertility Xmas

I have a kid after years of infertility. I am SO grateful but tonight I just started crying so much because we couldn’t get a picture. The kids were crying and my husband was irritated that I wanted a picture, but to me a picture symbolizes so much. It’s a moment I thought I’d never have. I hate that my husband can’t see that. And then I felt so stupid for crying. I’m the lucky one who got a kid. Struggling with feeling like there’s no support for women “after infertility.“

C: Kids crying.
T: No one else cares about getting a picture.
F: Sad. Alone?
A: Cry. Blame everyone.
R: I don’t get a picture.

C: Kid after infertility.
T: No one understands me.
F: Alone.
A: Don’t share what I’m feeling.
R: No one has a chance to understand me?

Tried to give myself (and everyone) some grace. I am still grieving even though we had our kid, but it’s hard to explain that.