Hi! My question is repairing a marriage after an emotional affair has taken place. I have been a scholar for six months now, and I know that my husbands actions are not the cause of my feelings, its my thoughts about his actions. I Also know that sometimes it is OK to allow negative emotions, like hurt, sadness, disappointment. I know that I have some accountability in the breakdown of our marriage and our communication. We have both decided that we want to make our marriage work and make it stronger. However, I am having a really hard time getting stuck in the thought loop that it’s his job to make me feel better and more loved after he hurt me. I know hes not responsible for my feelings, and that i cant change him into a more emotive person…but doesnt he have some responsibility here to help me feel better after he betrayed me? It sort of feels like I’m lying to myself by telling myself thoughts that make his behavior ok. Thanks for your help!