My son has been married for almost 6 years, has a 4 yr. and almost 2 yr. old son, and his wife has just told him she’s had an affair for 4 of the years. It began within the first year and she claims it’s been over for a year.

Our son is devastated, as are all of us family members. We are all grieving differently. Our daughter-in-law has not reached out to any of us family members. She has agreed to see a counselor with my son for 4 weeks, with the second session this Wednesday. We have all been asked to not share this with anyone. We’ve not spoken with her parents or sister. We are not to talk to our closest of friends for support. Our son does not want to be with his friends for support, as he knows so little. our immediate family is loving him and doing our best to be supportive of him during this helpless time.

I feel sad, angry at times, and am in question as to who our daughter-in-law truly is to have been living this lie for so long.

I am ruminating over what she’s done, when, where, with whom and am so sad for the future of our son and family. She comes from a divorced family and throughout the years we discussed her never wanting to be divorced. WTF?!!!

I need help processing this.