Inheritance and net worth – does it count?

One of the things holding me back from making money is my inheritance. I get up with the belief that I don’t need to make money, that I am supposed to dedicate myself to nobler things (art, literature), that making money in my fortunate position would almost be a waste of the comfort my parents have worked so hard to create for me. I understand that I have to overcome all of these beliefs, as they make me feel dependent and weak.

But where do I count my inheritance in my net worth? I earn almost no money, but I have real estate and shares in the business of my father which are worth some money, I don’t even know how much exactly. It doesn’t feel like that’s money that I can count for myself, but it’s certainly mine “on paper.” Even if I have the authority on paper, I would never take anything out without asking my father – does it count as my money?