Inheritance example from the Video on The Model – How To Use It

I listened to the inheritance example from The Model – How To Use It and it hit home for me. I am facing the same problem with a sibling. She has continually been saying words that are hurtful to me because my mother made me the beneficiary. I was closer to my mom than she was. In her mind, I am greedy and I wasn’t supposed to get that money because it belonged to my father. However, in her mind she was assumed that it was a lot of money and it wasn’t. I was responsible for handling my mother’s care and funeral expenses. She is very resentful and bitter towards me and displays a behavior of entitlement. She continually lives in the past and always plays the victim. We are not on speaking terms and I made peace with that. It’s unfortunate that we are disconnected over this, but I learned that I can’t control anything she says or does and I am at peace because I do my best not to entertain her drama. She is wounded and hasn’t healed from her past. I am really learning to feel compassion for her because I do not want to live my life in resentment. She wasn’t there for my mother when she was sick and it took me a long time to release that thought. I know that I did all I could for my mother and ultimately that is what matters to me. I pray that I can let go of all my past hurts because I do not want to be defined by it anymore! I have A LOT of Models to work on and it is my hope that I can live from that intentional place moving forward. I could use some feedback on my models. Thank you for this work!

C – Inheritance
T – She wasn’t there for my mother when she needed her
F – Judged
A – I withdraw, I don’t respond to her angry words
R – Disconnected, no relationship, I judge her and I judge myself

C- Inheritance
T – It’s understandable that she is upset
F – Neutral
A – I love her from a distance
R –