Injustice in an, officially, democratic country. How not to worry. How to help in a constructive way.

15 years ago, my husband and I moved to the country we live in now. This country has a recent history of dictatorship. Acknowledged as such by the whole world. At the moment it’s a democracy, but not as we know it from where we come from.
Recently a group of politicians is put into jail for a long sentence, with them, people from NGOs as well. Peaceful demonstrations are a way of demonstrating many do not agree with (the judges/government). But no change so far. Just more repression.

I struggle with what to do. My father has suffered in WWII, his father has died during these years, and we as children were always aware of what peace, democracy, justice etc mean. How important it is, and also how important it is to express yourself when things happen that are not democratic. I agreed, and do agree: doing nothing to help, to not speak up, is like collaborating with the regime.

Until now my way to help is informing journalists from abroad who are interested in other stories than the propaganda from the government. I do have contacts since I use to work as one before.
But still, I feel I have to do more. It’s hard to believe there are people that applaud this government that uses violence (beating up people, losing eyes, broken bones etc). And they even ask for more violence.

I understand that what I consider violence and repression, others consider necessary actions to make people behave and think as they see. Out of fear they might behave differently, but changing someone’s thought… I’m sure that’s not happening.

I’m stressed and worried. Firstly because of what I read and see and hear. Secondly, because I can’t find an effective way to inform foreign countries, convince them to act or speak out, help victims and change the situation. I’m not scared at all.

I don’t believe in violence as a solution. I believe in dialogue; that’s how we solve problems in the country I’m from.

Unintentional Model
C. X innocent people in jail (I know the government will say, ‘people who think in this way are per definition guilty’)
T. This isn’t justice, this is repression
F. frustrated (powerless)
A. Reading what there’s to find on this topic, writing ambassador, contacting journalists abroad…
R. nothing

T. I do what I can to make known abroad what happens here
F. Determined
A. Same A. line as above
R. nothing. as far as I know

So it seems whatever I do or not do. I’m still in the same place, mentally.
Please help me to find a more constructive way to deal with this situation.