Inlaws, my husband and visiting

Hi Brooke,

Your work is amazing. I’ve been a part of SCS since last year and every time i do the work consistently, I see progress!
This past year my husband revealed to me past physical abuse that his father did to him when he was a kid. His mother stood by and let it happen. We’ve been married for almost 18 years and over that time I went from thinking his family was from Leave it to Beaver to realizing how dysfunctional it all is.

We are visiting next month and each visit I find myself feeling so much anger. I dont want to stay at their house and really if I’m honest I dont want to be around them. I know my thoughts about them are creating all of this drama and emotion but im having a hard time getting to a neutral thoughts. I’d like to show up neutral for me and my husband and stop giving them so much power.
C: visiting my inlaws
T: they have no idea how much they hurt my husband
F: anger
A: withdrawn or short/uninterested on being there
R: stay angry at them

Neutral thoughts
C: visit inlaws
T: they did the best they could
F: compassion
A: show up lov