Inner Mean Girl

Last night before I went to bed I had a whole bunch of negative thoughts about myself come up such as I’m too much. I’m not enough. I want people to approve of me so badly it’s embarrassing. I should be ashamed at how need I am. I’m really not worth it. I’m a joke and people just enjoy laughing at me. People are sick of me. I’m not as smart as my husband’s family. I’m stupid. I’m worth nothing. No one can help something as pathetic as me.

These are terrible, but I know I’m mean to myself and at time it shows up when I think about other friends and family.

Here’s one model to get started –
C-Sitting in bed
T- I’m just a joke.
F- Worthless
A-Go inward, get quiet, apologize for anything I did wrong, put myself down in my head, seek approval
R- I’m a joke to myself?

I’m a beautiful adult woman who college-educated, healthy, in SCS and yet I’m the worst person to myself. I know that if I keep thinking these thoughts it’s just going to keep me where I am in life and I don’t want that.