Insecure and jealous

Hi coaches
I need some coaching on this. My husbands very good friend comes from one of richest families in the country. He will often take us away on luxury getaways and we love our time with them. I find myself feeling a little insecure with a slight tinge of jealousy sometimes when I see all that he has. He is the same age as us, yet has been able to buy an incredible penthouse in one of the most upmarket areas. Whenever we go away, I just think to myself how nice it must be to have this and how much easier it is for him. I adore his girlfriend, but also think how much easier it must be for her. I wouldn’t say that I feel ‘envy’ because its not the feeling that if I can’t have it then they can’t. It’s more a feeling of missing out and feeling like I wish I had those things too. I feel like they travel the world and do amazing things with their time and have access to all of it. I feel like my husband and I look to see what we can afford and when we go we don’t get to experience it like they do. I want to stay in ultra luxury places too, and eat at top restaurants while flying in on my jet and not have to worry. Instead, whenever we travel it’s always on a budget and planned around what is most affordable. I have often wondered how I can create this for myself and how I would love to build a business where I have all these things. But it just seems SO out of reach.

I also find myself feeling like I have to impress him and his girlfriend with all my achievements in life. I will try and over compensate when it comes to this, and agreeing and pleasing them- just so I feel like I am enough too. I am also embarrassed to have them over at my house for dinner- because i’m scared that they will judge my apartment. My husband and I live in a small apartment with very little furniture as we plan to immigrate . I find myself constantly trying to do things to try and impress them, yet- I’m not too sure why.

Please help coach me on this!