Insecurity & Self-Worth in Romantic Relationships

Hi Brooke!

I adore you by the way. Just thought I’d throw that in there 😉

I wanted to ask you about insecurity and self-worth. I consider myself to be a very confident woman who in almost every way am very secure in who I am and what I have to offer, except when it comes to romantic relationships. I come off confident, but inevitably, I’m drowning in thought errors like “why isn’t he calling?” “why am I always single?” “we had a great date, I don’t understand why he hasn’t asked me out again” and it totally brings me down. I know that this is all a result of my thinking, but I find it curious that in this one area of life, it shows up again and again.

Are you going to be doing any work on self-worth especially as it pertains to relationships? Ultimately, what I want is to be someone who is so unFREAKINGbelievably in love with her life that it doesn’t matter if I have a man in it and that my joy and love of life and myself has the power to attract the right kind of man to me (if that is what is meant for me). I really want to be okay alone, I steadfastly believe that I would PREFER to be alone than to settle and just be with anyone, but my self-talk is always like “What the hell is wrong with men? You are AMAZING, why don’t they see that?” And then the next thought is “Well, Sam, clearly there is SOMETHING wrong with you otherwise these guys would be lined up around the block for you”. The thoughts are constantly competing and I keep going back and forth between them and it makes me miserable and quite frankly, exhausted.

Can you coach me through this? I have made such incredible (and positively MIND BLOWING) changes already with my weight loss and eating and exercise and I know I have the ability to do the same with my mindset around relationships, and I’d love your support with that.

Thank you times a million!