Insensitive vs Realistic

A staff member in our Labor & Delivery unit came to me last week because she was concerned that her patient was, “breathing a lot in her face”. Her concern is due to the current situation with COVID. My response was to ask if the patient had any symptoms (which I already knew she did not) that she (the nurse) could wear a mask and/or eye protection if she was concerned. And that we are always potentially at risk from people “breathing on us”. Now, due to a heavy dose of social media, I am feeling that perhaps I was a bit insensitive to her concerns. I am struggling with balancing my own thoughts of overwhelm with the situation vs supporting my staff’s concerns. So, for the model
C: Staff member voicing concern
T: Seriously? When I 800 other things to do right now
F: Anger, overwhelm, mental fatigue
A: Defensive response
R: Erosion of relationship with staff
What I want to feel is compassion
C: Same
T: I may not agree with her statement or concern but it feels real to her
F: Compassion
A: Brainstorm ways to help her feel safe
R: Improved relationship with staff