Insight Needed on a Model on Relationships

Hi Coaches:) As I’m progressing through the month, I’m learning, as you’ve already stated, that each of my relationships is ultimately about me and my thoughts as opposed to the other people. I’m learning that when I accept myself as is, without so much self-criticism and judgement, I’m way more likely to accept other people as they are, without so much criticism and judgement. When I think/feel good about myself, I’m in a stronger position to think/feel good about other people. We’re all so connected, which is becoming a better-thinking concept for me. As I go through this month of relationships, I’m realizing that I’ve been trying to get a handle on all this since I started SCS in August, this month is just putting it all together for me:)
Do you think these models can be improved on? Thank you!
C: my relationships
T: I wish the people in my life behaved better
F: frustrated
A: complain, criticize, judge others then get angry at myself for creating manuals for other people
R: my relationship with myself suffers
C: my relationships
T: I love and accept myself and others as is
F: loving
A: act from a place of love and acceptance and through awareness realize we’re all doing the best we can, show up as myself and
allow others to do the same
R: my relationship with myself greatly improves