Insight on my model

I have been primarily a stay at home mom for the past 9 years. Recently my husband and I decided that we would share the role of bread winner and he would work 20 hours a week and I would work 20 hours a week. At this point I am doing coach training and preparing to start a coaching business serving teens. We are both starting businesses and have no income coming in. We haven’t had regular income for almost 5 years now because my husband has been going to school. We are debt free as of five years ago and have been living off savings and earning a bit through investing. We live lean, but at some point the saving are going to run out. I feel very confident that I will make money as a coach, enough to support our family. My husband does not believe this is true and although he agreed to this arrangement has moments when he feels very agitated and stressed about our choice and expresses that to me. I’ve been looking at where my thoughts go when I see that he is stressed and know that it is not helpful. I’m struggling with my intentional model though.

unintentional model
C- husband stressed
T- I have to prove that I can earn money and that this is the right choice
F- pressured
A- show up graspy and needy in my offers
R- turn people off, not a success, evidence that it’s not the right choice

intentional model
C-husband stressed
T- I don’t know if this is the right choice, but that’s ok, it’s ok to fail
F- grace
A- work hard in business, don’t get distracted, taking care of myself along the way, hire a coach
R- business is successful

The T and the R don’t match, so one of them is not working. Thoughts?

I guess maybe I need to work back from the R. Is grace really producing those actions? Thanks for your help