Insight on what a dare is

Hi Brooke,

Love this month’s topic. In coming up with my dares, I initially came up with ideas like, “Ask so and so for more business” “Pitch my service to a new client” “Ask for a discount when I go out to eat” etc. But I realized that, while these are so fun and cause a tinge of nervousness in me, they weren’t quite “dares” because I am pretty good already about putting myself out there in these ways. While it’s always a little scary to take chances like this that put you in a situation when you need to be vulnerable and risk rejection, it didn’t feel that “daring” to me.

What’s harder for me is committing and resisting urges (with eating and indulging). It’s easy for me to ask for the business, but harder for me to complete the work once I have it. It’s easy for me to go up and talk to a stranger, but much harder for me to come home at night and resist eating in front of the T.V.

I do not question, just wanted to share my insight!