Insisting on Blame & Other People’s Negativity

Hello Friend! This is such good stuff. I am loving Scholars. Thank you.

My question is 2 fold. How do we deal with people we love, who we want in our lives who refuse to acknowledge the truth of the model and continue to insist on blame? As in, blaming me for All. The. Things. I want to love, but I am wanting to punch them in the face more and more.

Which leads me to part 2. For the love of Jesus, I am now at a point where I really just want to be able to find a neutral thought I can return to over and over again to keep me from punching people in the face as I become more aware of my own unconscious negativity in reaction to their negativity and yes, this is the part where I am blaming them for my shitty feelings. W. T. F.

Neutral thoughts, please. Help me. How can I move through this cycle – which I know is going to come up over and over again because humans are human and I happen to be one too.

I would love insight here and all the neutral thoughts you have to offer.

Thanks and love.