This is my journal entry from 3:30 am: I am feeling restless, hyper, and unable to sleep. I am having a hard time relaxing and this is driving me nuts. I should be able to sleep. This isn’t good for my health. I’m afraid for my heart. I don’t understand how to relax. I keep going to bed without checking in with my mind. My body is tired but my mind is restless. My mind is too alert and this is a problem. A bath or massage would be nice. Maybe I should color. I am afraid I will be up all night. I want to make myself fall asleep but it’s not working. I feel guilty about calling in sick tomorrow. I want to find the right thing to tell them. There is heavy wind and rain and I can’t relax. I’m fighting this I know. I am not accepting reality.

I notice that on certain days I become so alert I can’t sleep. I not sure why I am choosing to believe I have a hard time relaxing or I will be up all night. I realize when I think these thoughts I become more anxious which leads to me staying awake.

Can you please guide me in some direction. I just want a good night’s sleep.