Inspired thinking or an urge?

Hi Brooke,
Here’s what I’m noticing this month as we focus on time management:

I’ll schedule out a specific work block (say 7 days from now) to begin a writing project or develop a presentation. Then in the days leading up to the assigned time my brain appears to be “preparing to work” by interrupting my current day’s activity with ideas/outlines that I wasn’t planning to focus on yet. It feels like an urge — a compelling pull to at least temporarily pause what I’m doing now in order to capture the creative content my brain is offering in the moment.

This is not new for me, but with self coaching I’m able to view it with curiosity for the first time and question what’s behind it. In the past I just assumed it was inspiration and I’d pivot back and forth between today’s tasks and jotting down a few paragraphs or an outline for the future project. The upside had seemed to be that when it came time to work on that project I wasn’t staring at a blank page and could just expand the concepts I’d already framed up. Now doing this SCS work I’m wondering if it is an urge (overthinking? anticipatory planning?) masking as creativity. If so am I just better off allowing it to hover while I remain on task for today and not answer the inspirational urge until the appointed time? I want to honor my schedule (and master the art of constraining and remaining present) even if my current time block was planned for just replying to email or chopping vegetables. But I also don’t want to be overly rigid or ignore potentially useful background processing for future projects.

Appreciate your thoughts,
Kelly C.

P.S.—Stoked to experience my 1st Modelthon next week!