Hey Brooke,

So I have an Instagram account that has about 9k followers and people who have followed me for over 2 years.

In the last year, I’ve slipped away from Instagram because I was trying to figure out my messaging and who I wanted to attract on there.

It started as a weight loss journey of mine.

Now I’ve lost 65 pounds and I’m a health coach to be.

I’ve been so inconsistent with my instagram all year.

I show up and then go away.

I’ve done this so much .

I saw this as an opportunity to direct people in a new way and use for business as well where I give value in posts and insta stories.

But I feel like I’ve been on and off way too much and I’m just confusing people.

The algorithm has also changed so much.

I’ve thought about just starting new but I have a lot of people on there who have followed me for a long time.

Then I think, what’s the point ? And I just want to go to a whole different platform.

There’s potential there and I know my people are on that platform.

But every time I post on my current Instagram account I feel like such a fraud in some way. Like “here she goes again” , “not long until she disappears again”.

I think about the people I can help but still can’t stop thinking how I’ve already lost the connection with this current account.

I could start a new and have those followers follow me in the new account if they choose to.