Instead of focusing on myself my mind wonders off on how this information could help others.

Hi Brooke, I just love everything about your business!! Its day 1 of Scholars and I have clearly identified that I have already hit a snag. Everytime I listen to a Podcast or watch a video (Ive listened to approx 25 in the last 3 weeks.) I find myself letting my thoughts wonder off and think about how this fabulous content im listening to at that moment could be of benefit to some other particular person. Ive started reading the August booklet HOW TO LIVE YOUR PURPOSE. Im really digesting every sentence. I initially think about how every word is speaking to me but im at page 9 and I realise that even with the written content, my mind often wonders off to think of other people and how this could benefit them. I have stopped to ask myself “why do I think I let my mind wonder off implying this material is more important to someone else rather than myself at this moment?” Im trying to learn the answer but the answer is not yet presenting itself. Please help