Insulin Resistance and certain ‘approved’ foods

Hi Brooke,
I am in month two of SCS. It’s been great and intense with lots of models and lots learning of about food, losing weigh and my body. I haven’t eaten any flour or sugar since I started SCS and do IF of at least 18 hours per day and often longer. Lately, I am realizing that certain foods that are green lighted on the Stop OE manual are not working well for my body in regards to weight. I think that the insulin resistance that I have had for years seems to create a situation in my body where I gain weigh immediately and my hunger and desire increase drastically when I eat foods like grains, potatoes, legumes and most fruits but berries. I am thinking that in-time eating this way and doing daily long IF my body will heal my body and this will change and I will able to bring those foods back into my protocol in small amounts. I am wondering if you have seen this happen before and what is helpful in terms of losing weight and keeping it off for people like me.