Intangible productivity/results

Hi Brooke,
I’m in a point in my life where our family is going through a transition – moving abroad to another country and acclimating there. Not for business purposes, but because we want to give our kids exposure to other cultures and perspectives.
I’ve been struggling internally with the fact that I’m getting a lot done this month (finding apartment, learning a new language, setting up utilities, getting kids set up in school and sports, making new friends), but nothing really tangible. When I think of “what am I creating?” I feel as though I’m not creating something tangible, and I should be. I am creating a new life here, but somehow that doesn’t feel as though it’s “enough.”
C living abroad for the year
T I’m not taking massive action to create anything of tangible value
F inadequate, unfocused
A schedule my days to get needed items done but nothing more
R don’t create anything of value

C living abroad for the year
T I am creating and taking advantage of every opportunity to learn about this country and its people
F enriched, excited
A Learn about the Spanish culture – learn the language, to cook Spanish food, make friends, travel, learn about the history
R Immersed myself in the culture

What are your thoughts on the above?
Aside from giving our family a unique experience, one of my personal goals for this year is to come up with a business idea – in an ideal world it would be something that will connect me to this country even after we move back home. I feel like I need at least 2 models – one to create a thought that the intangible things I am doing are creating something valuable (above). Another to address the thoughts that will get me to take massive action to create a business idea. I’ve started the model below. Can you help me fill it in?
C living abroad for the year
F creative
R create a business idea that connects me to this country
I’ve just exceeded the time I’ve scheduled to write this – so I must press submit. 🙂
Thank you Brooke!