Integrating new thoughts

I just completed a very powerful model.

C: client making slow progress
T: if clients don’t get results, it is a reflection of me and how useless I am
F: anxiety, pressure, tension
A: try really hard to solve clients problem, get into their “story” and “fix it” mode
R: inhibit the client getting their own transformative results

C: client making slow progress
T: clients are brought to me 100% on purpose. My transformation facilitates their transformation, and vice versa. How do I need to evolve? What is this situation here to teach me?
F: confident, detached, deeply trusting of client’s ability, of myself, of the process, of the universe.
A: let go. hold space for client. asking more questions and offering less advice. be completely 100% open to full client experience.
R: clients make massive transformations

I can get to a pretty genuinely good feeling place with the new model.

I’m mostly looking for advice on continuing to integrate the new thought. I don’t just want to be like, “oh, the model’s done” and forget about it. Are there any steps for continuing to bring forth the new truth into my reality?