Intense? BM

Hi Brooke

I was at an engagement party with one of my neighbours last night and as we were talking she pushed me away and said I was standing too close to her, she then said I was intense. I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say, so I just stood back and left soon after. I’ve been thinking about it overnight and don’t understand what intense means. If she had said I was a too loud or rude or swore, I could understand that and then decide for myself if that was true or not and if it wasn’t then I could ‘allow’ her to be wrong about me. But intense is a word that sounds bad to me and I’m guessing it is as she pushed me back saying I was in her space. I totally got that and stood back. I feel bad and I know she can’t make me feel this, that I am feeling this way because of my thoughts. So do I moderated my ‘intense-ness’ I am not sure how to do that, maybe try to stand less close to people when talking to them or behave in a way that is not intense, whatever that means. How does one know when they need to moderate their behaviour because it obviously offends someone else or whether you just be who you are, intense and all and just live your life as you are and if people don’t like it, then thats up to them, you can’t be everyones cup of tea. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this, many thanks. BM