Intense physical pain – couldn’t self coach

Hi coaches/Brooke ,
I had developed acute tooth infection over the thanksgiving weekend and no amount of pain killers helped. I was on intense pain for 3 full days (worst pain I have ever experienced in my life only next to labor) most of the time and almost couldn’t think. Though in my mind I wanted to do a thought download, watch my thoughts , but I could do nothing while on the pain. I did immediately pull up Brooke’s podcast on “accepting pain” and that was helpful a bit – to accept pain and just be with it..
Is that self coaching you do in these situations?
I have a toddler who needs me and life has to go on while on pain. How do I do that ?
Why wasn’t I able to self coach myself to handle pain Better?
Why did all the practice that I had done last 3 months disappear when the need arose?
My mind just refuses to do anything. What do you advice for these situations?
I finally saw my dentist in Monday, went on antibiotics and my pain subsided today, so writing this post.

Thank you