Intentional action

I know this is such a small detail of your videos for September, but I loved when you were using the example of your book and how you really wanted to just dive in and take action instead of planning it out, but how important it is to take the time to plan it out. This is huge for me! I do this with nearly everything where I immediately jump in taking action without planning it all out. I am a productive person, but if I were to plan and be more intentional with what I need to get done, I would have so much more free time.

I have planned out my month to prepare for an exam that is the beginning of October. This month was perfect timing for me because I don’t want to have to take this exam more than once. I broke down all the materials I still need to cover, practice tests I need to take and scheduled them all with extra time scheduled for the areas where I’m not as knowledgeable. Prior to this, I had been taking time to study, but it wasn’t intentional and I was constantly feeling guilty that I wasn’t studying more even though I was putting in the time and taking action. With planning it all out and scheduling it, I’m feeling more confident as well as enjoying my free time! Thank you for all that you do!