Intentional model

Dear coach,
I am writing you because I sometimes have troubles with my intentional model.
The first trouble I sometimes have is when I am doing a thought download + models when I am still dealing with the emotion and it is a strong one like anger, frustration, feeling of injustice…
For instance, yesterday, I had an argument with my husband and I tried to take some time to do a TD in order to understand better the dynamics, emotions and I did it when I was still feeling anger and frustration.
I found that doing the work was really useful except when I tried to do my intentional model. I faced very strong resistance when I tried to change my thought. It’s like I didn’t really want to change it and it seemed unfair to me to change it. I don’t know if it is really clear…
In this kind of situation, I feel I have to have really overcome the emotion and totally calm down in order to be able to do the intentional model. But at the same time, I sometimes feel that working on models when the emotion has completely passed is not as “profound” and true as it should be.
I hope I was able to make myself clear.
Thank you so much for your help
Best regards