Intentional Model after Cleaned My Closet Post

Thank you for help with my “Cleaned My Closet” Question. I did thought download/work around it (the weight gain in just the last 6-8 months) and I decided I want/should keep the few “smaller” size clothes and I like my reasons. I just bought these clothes not too long ago and I really like them. I want to wear them again. I will wear them again. I want to lose this weight and keeping them in the closet will be incentive that I’m on my way.

The thought that came up if I got RID of them is
“I don’t believe or trust myself that I will actually lose this weight”
“I guess I give up on trying to lose this weight at my age”
“there is nothing more I can do as I’m doing the best I can”

I woke up this morning and I said to myself…not just for this weight gain but for ALL the bulls$#* I have around why I am this weight, buffering, business, money even drinking — which I don’t consider myself a problem over drinker but I grew up with “alcoholism” in my family so it’s always on my radar on my thoughts around it. Even thinking about that I think about this is annoying to me. I actually don’t wish I even desire to drink at all socially so I guess I have work to do around that as well.

I woke up determined. I need to start APPLYING and stop with the stories and drama I have about ALL this stuff that is keeping me from living my best life!

Here’s my IM on clothes:

C: Clothes in Closet
T: I can’t wait to get rid of the clothes I’m CURRENTLY wearing and start wearing the clothes I loved 8 months ago that actually fit again in only 6 months!
F: Determined
A: I envision myself every day in that blouse I love that actually fits! When things come up that I want to buffer on and comfort with food, I sit with it and know that it’s just a feeling and feelings don’t hurt. I don’t need to act on it. I can actually do whatever it is that I’m feeling the discomfort from and stop avoiding. If I have a thought error, I will recognize it and I will override it. I will plan, prep and eat what I say I’m going to eat.
R: I lose weight in 6 months, momentum keeps me going and I continue to lose more.

Now this looks good all on paper – I know it will get hard. I will need to do more thoughts on this everyday to see where I am and actually live in INTEGRITY and have the SELF-CONFIDENCE I can DO THIS NO MATTER WHAT! I don’t know if having a bridge thought would work – I will see how well I keep this up with generating the feeling of “determined” and keep an eye out on my brain and go from there. Let me know if you see holes in this that I may not see. THANK YOU!