Intentional Model, leading by example as an emerging health coach

I’m new to SCS and practicing the model. I’m a full-time fundraiser and studying to be a health coach. I want to start seeing clients, but I’m resisting. One issue I’m having is the thought that I need to be “perfect” in order to attract clients. I created my first Intentional Model (below), and would like some feedback.

C: I apply what I learn through coaching to my own life.

T: I am leading through my own example.

F: Vibrant energy.

A: I work on thoughts, consistent practice with the model. I self-coach through my issues with health (weight loss), relationships, and money. I celebrate my wins. I persevere.

R: My transformation inspires and empowers others to make changes in their lives, and they are drawn to me. I have confidence and belief in myself as a coach.