Intentional Model question for awaiting medical results.

I recently had an echocardiogram because of some symptoms I have had. I created two models (one for my fearful thoughts and waiting) and one intentional model.
C: I had an echocardiogram
T: They found something wrong
F: Scared
A: Ruminating; searching the web for everything that could be wrong/don’t schedule anything because something could be wrong/don’t exercise/withdraw
R: I create feeling of being alone and scared.
Question: what is a better A line for all the worry/what if-ing that I am doing?

Intentional model
C: I had an echocardiogram.
T: I am proactive about my health
F: Thankful
A: I wait patiently for results; I don’t spend hours on the web searching for things that could be wrong/ i wait on the professionals
R: I have feelings of gratitude to myself and the healthcare providers.

I am a bit fuzzy on what Actions I would take and the results should be. I know I want to get to this point with my thoughts, but the R line seems a bit of a cop-out. Guess I need help on building an intentional model. Thank you.