Intentional Model Result Met Early – Now What?

Below is my intentional model. As of this morning, I weigh 173 lbs so I’ve achieved my Result early. YAY!
Should I consider this my aligned model, and proceed with a new one? Or wait until my R date of 10/10?
ie: C now being 173 lbs, and R being 170 lbs. and continue on like so each time my models align again?
Don’t get me wrong, it is AWESOME I achieved my R early. I just want to be careful that I don’t get ahead of myself with starting a new model to continue my weight loss progress as I know weight can go up/down at times and it’s out of my control. THANK YOU 🙂

C – Mon, 10/5 weigh 176 lbs
T – Nothing will stop me
F – Determined
A – Follow food & exercise protocol
R – Sat, 10/10 weigh 173 lbs